Stocks Fall For A 3rd-Straight Week

Hi everyone,

Below is this week’s blog. As mentioned, we are transitioning this from the written format to video form. If you want to skip ahead to certain sections, here is a summary of what I discuss this week:

  • Josh’s blog on the Federal Reserve (0:30)

  • Did you receive a tax Form 5498? (1:00)

  • Weekly stock sector performance (1:50)

  • Analysis of the overall market via S&P 500 (3:20)

  • Portfolio activity (6:25)

  • Financial planning using Right Capital (8:38)

I mentioned it in the video but will say it again — I welcome your feedback. My goal is to ensure we’re providing useful information so if you have opinions, please share. (The quality will improve too over time as I get more accustomed to creating these.)

Have a great week!

Brian E Betz, CFP®